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Alcohol & your body

The effects of alcohol on a young person’s body is not the same as for an adult.


How much do you know about alcohol and its effects? Try the quiz to find out.



Going Out Tonight?

Here are a few tips to help you and your friends enjoy your night out and not end up falling into a skip……

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Dudley Council’s office of public health worked with Dudley College’s creative media production students to raise awareness of the issue among young people.

Drinks Calculator

Check out the number of calories and units in some common drinks and how drinking too many of them might make you feel.


Here are a few tips to help you and your friends enjoy your night out and not end up falling into a skip……

A Night Out.....

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Never mix drugs and alcohol; it's very dangerous.

Don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking, no matter what they say. You are putting your life at risk.

Charge your phone before a night out. It's handy when saving that hot guys number and you may also need it to call a taxi or anyone else in case of an emergency.

Have an alcohol free night. I bet you feel better in the morning.

Pace yourself; no one looks good if they are throwing up on a street corner.

Put the In Case of Emergency (ICE) number in your phone - this is the number of someone you trust. If something happens the emergency services know to call that number first.

Watch out for those beer goggles, you will regret it in the morning!

Mixing drinks can be a risky business. You will more than likely end up puking in a bush with a killer hangover in the morning.

You should decide how much you drink not anyone else. Don’t be a sheep.

Carry some extra money and don't spend it on that last WKD.

If someone offers to buy you a drink, go to the bar with them to get it. Never accept a drink that's already open or poured, you just don't know what is in it!

Tell the bar attendant when to stop serving you- last orders please sir.

Only get in a registered taxi on your own if you really need to, if you do make sure your friends know where you're heading. Try to go with friends if you can.

Everyone should carry a condom and use it wisely (girls and boys).

Eating isn't cheating! Have some food before you drink, it will slow the absorption of alcohol!

Be aware of what you’re drinking and what it contains.

Know your own limits and stick to them.

Carry some extra money in the back of your purse/ wallet, just in case.

Drinking water through the drinking session will help with your hangover and prevent you from getting drunk to quickly.

Always wear a condom. Is it really a good night if you get an STI or become pregnant!

Arrange a taxi before you head out then you know you will make it home. Do it with your mates and reduce the cost.

Have the confidence to say ‘No’.

Know your limits when having a drink, Drink too much and you might do something you regret.

Always have a designated driver if you can't use a taxi. That way you know you can all get home safe.

Stick with your friends and look after the one who drinks a bit more than they can handle.

Have a night off and catch up on the TV instead.

The Law

As alcohol is a drug there are a few laws we must all abide by or we could end up being cuffed by the police.